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Madison Moone's Profile

Madison Moone

Customers rated Madison Moone 5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews

I hope that you will support me in my endeavors!
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Is this a phobia ???

Sep 18th @ 12:23am EDT

For about a year now I go to bed, hiding to the chin with a blanket. My legs will be open or the whole body will be covered, but Iâll cover my neck, because for about a year now I canât sleep or lie with my neck open.

Very convenient option))

Sep 14th @ 12:24am EDT

We slept with the current young man on the first day of acquaintance. But you know how convenient! You do not need to remember all these dates: acquaintance, first date, beginning of a relationship, first kiss, first intimacy. All in one day!)

Irrational fear!

Sep 7th @ 12:17am EDT

Terribly afraid to go to the doctor. Everyone except the dentist. He has-then everything is clear: to snatch means to snatch, drilling - Yes please, seal - Milota. But other followers of Hippocrates all difficult.

A real success!

Sep 6th @ 12:19am EDT

A friend met her future husband in the hospital. We joke that she fed him oranges. And the thing is that she lay there with a broken jaw, and her sister carried her oranges every day, saying that the patient cannot have oranges, and it does not matter that the patient is allergic to them and the jaw is in a cast. Well, a friend fed these oranges to one guy from the next house, who, as it turned out, really wanted them :)


Sep 1st @ 11:57pm EDT

I have a close friend, she and her husband are Swingers. She's been wanting to make me her husband's mistress for a long time. But I don't like him at all. Every time you have to come up with excuses for having sex with him. I feel like I'm in some parallel universe.

True love!

Sep 1st @ 12:25am EDT

Thanks to my parents I believe in love. Three days after we met, my dad proposed to my mom. Then he waited six months for her to finish her studies and took her with him to the North, where he served. This year was 30 years, as they together.


Jun 13th @ 11:55pm EDT

I love to lick the Velcro. They give some feeling on the tongue pleasant. Perhaps create a small wound or something like that. Especially the new Velcro, getting them nice and sharp. Suck, lick, feel with your fingers. Nobody knows about this.

The horror!

Jun 7th @ 12:19am EDT

I'm not very lucky in traveling by bus, train or hitchhiking, sometimes there are extraordinary situations. I was driving the bus, the place at the window, back to the driver, looking out the window. Attention was attracted by flickering in the car on the next lane. When I looked there, I was shocked, to put it mildly. The driver, opening his pants, jerking off his juicy cock. I didn't know what to do with my eyes until he passed us at the traffic light.

What am I to do?

Jun 6th @ 12:47am EDT

At work when all colleagues somewhere left, the driver with whom I have pleasant friendly relations entered the room, grabbed me and began to press to himself, to kiss a neck, hair, to paw. He was shaking with lust. Whispered, I missed you. But I didn't. She broke out, locked herself in the bathroom before the others came. Don't know how to communicate and what to think... On the one hand â" it is disgusting, on the other, when I think about it - I feel a strange sexual excitement...

Sometimes it happens!

May 28th @ 12:16am EDT

In one well-known network of fast food when buying a glass can be an unlimited number of times to pour yourself a drink. On one of the food courts, a woman, who looked quite wealthy, just went to someone else's table, where people had already left, took the used glass and went to pour the drink.

A phobia!

May 27th @ 12:09am EDT

I have a strange phobia. WILDLY fear, that the whole world will become pan-green. Not grass, trees, but everything: the sun, the sky, everything around. Everyone in my environment knows about it. No one understands why green and how did this come to mind. Recently read an article about how in the 19th century invented a shade of green, which included arsenic, and it was used everywhere. The girl working at the factory (Mathilda Scheuer), died at age 19 from poisoning. She claimed to have seen all around in green color

It's a shame!

May 24th @ 12:13am EDT

Very cold and sick for a week: temperature, dry exhausting cough, which hurts everything. The cherry on the cake was a cold on his lips. The money ran out quickly, because I'm a freelancer and work from home. And no I have not written for a week! The friend I told that I was sick and asked for medicine, didn't come.

The delights of life!

May 23rd @ 12:07am EDT

I have never been rich, but because of business trips earned a permit in the business classes of airports. Oh Gods, how good this feels to spend waiting for the flight in comfort, eat good food and drive to the aircraft in a separate car! Now I work even more to secure a comfortable future.

Good replacement!

May 11th @ 12:18am EDT

Replaced the cat litter with paper towels in a roll. I tear off 2-3 sheets, I tear apart and in a tray. It is convenient to flush the toilet, washed several times carefully, not to get stuck because the paper a little tighter toilet. The apartment is not lying like a normal filler. Alone pros, we with cat happy with))

Too bad!

May 5th @ 8:46pm EDT

I worked in a grocery store. Once suitable merchandise and says he noticed the alcoholic hides a bottle of vodka in his pants. We catch him at the exit of the store. With vodka in his pants turned out to be sausage (sealed). The man yells that it is his, we have it, he did not steal, even tried to take back, but we did not listen to him, took a bottle of sausage and called security. And only after he was taken, merchandiser noticed that the sausage we do not sell...

Take it out of your pants))

Apr 26th @ 12:43am EDT

I worked at a pet store. Once rushed to take away from one man a jar of fish food because that tried to steal it imperceptibly. After all that is happening for a long time colleagues were laughing at my cry: "Man, quickly pull out of your pants!"He just hid the bucket in his shorts.

Remember that!

Apr 24th @ 11:23pm EDT

Terribly enrages, when in a theatre or a concert people start to get up and leave their seats during the bow. They not only interfere with others, but also show disrespect to the artists. Bow is a moment of unity of artists with the audience, the moment when you can thank each other for the evening spent together and for the emotions presented. They played for us, put the soul, and those in a hurry to leave, not to stand in the queue to the cloakroom.

How to explain?)

Apr 23rd @ 11:07pm EDT

I noticed a strange feature. I know the name of a person, I communicate with him for a long time, but every time before you call the name of a person - I doubt it. Whether it's a colleague we've been working with for five months or even a young man we've recently started Dating.

A little scared!

Apr 20th @ 12:18am EDT

Rent an apartment. Lying with a friend on the couch, watching a movie. At three meters from us collapsing the ceiling and landed us next to a full bath - tub, dressed (naked). Moved the bath, the floor is not strengthened, the old ceiling could not stand. All alive.

People are different!

Apr 17th @ 12:31am EDT

I play year online cards. I noticed that the photographic memory was perfect! I remember all the cards and quickly figure out how to beat opponents. Very well the essence of people is revealed: someone is mean and a rat - smiles, smile, adding to friends, and at the end of a setup and laughter, like, well, you are a horse, I parted you. There are gentlemen and ladies. These are those who play fair, do not try to hang and the above-mentioned actions to influence the players. Just like in ordinary life. Funny.

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